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AR/VR companies developing on the BSV blockchain

Are you a new or aspiring blockchain professional trying to find your ideal position? Our blog series on businesses developing applications on the BSV blockchain is for you!

In previous editions of this series, the BSV Academy spoke with business founders building IoT products on BSV and BSV payment solution businesses. In this edition, we catch up with Diane Kane, Chief Business Development Officer at AR/VR tech solution providers Transmira and Omniscape.

Meet Diane Kane, Chief Business Development Officer at AR/VR companies Transmira and Omniscape

BSV Academy: Tell us about Transmira’s development team: are they in-house or outsourced, and do they work on campus or remotely?

Diane Kane (DK): Satwant Singh Kenth is our co-founder and lead developer. The rest of our development team are working in-house but remotely all over the world.

BSV Academy: Are there any vacant positions, or expansion planned for the future?

DK: We are currently onboarding engineers and developers and will be hiring more people in the future. There's so much that needs to be done in a very short time span to do it, so we will most definitely be expanding the team.

BSV Academy: Do all your developers have to know about blockchain or are some of them only doing front-end development?

DK: Although blockchain makes up the back-end of our platform, most of our developers work on the front-end. We're proud that we can offer our clients the benefits of blockchain, like being able to offer data from the very first impression all the way to that point of sale, the scalability of the infrastructure and the cost efficiencies. But now that the infrastructure is in place, our developers don't have to understand blockchain development, they just need to build out the platform. 

BSV Academy: What skills, specialities, certifications and experience will you be looking for?

DK: Robert Rice, our CEO and Founder has been hiring developers with UI and app development skills who can show off the projects they’ve worked on.

BSV Academy: Where do you advertise positions?

DK: Robert is a great storyteller and he has gathered quite a following from his presentations. As a result, he’s had quite a lot of talented people reaching out to him offering their expertise. Other times he will put out the news on Twitter. Follow him there, or reach out to him directly if you’d like to work with us!

BSV Academy: What are the first steps someone should take if they’re interested in what you’re building on blockchain and want to know more?

DK: Again, Robert does a lot of speaking engagements, so I’d recommend you attend conferences like CoinGeek, CES or one of the Bitcoin Association’s one-day events to learn from him and other business leaders in the space. Robert spoke at the BSV blockchain conference in New York in September, so keep your eye on the event schedule. These summits and shows let you immerse yourself in the technology. So, if you’re thinking of getting involved in blockchain development, it’s imperative to attend these industry events where you can get to know about the companies who are building applications in the space.

BSV Academy: Would you recommend working at Transmira/Omniscape, and what kind of individuals would find it a good fit?

DK: People always ask me: ‘how do you feel about Omniscape?’ I always respond that Omniscape is my heart. We have such a special team! 

I've been with the team since its beginning, so we've all been through blood, sweat and tears together. It's so wonderful to have been through that with a team that's dedicated and super-excited about building on the technology. I think we have some amazing things on the horizon as you will soon see at the CES conference. 

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