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BSV Academy graduate reviews and recommendations - BSV blockchain development course

In July 2021, the BSV Academy launched an introductory course to Bitcoin development focussing on the formative skills and crucial concepts to successfully build applications with Bitcoin. 

Since launch, 86 students have completed the course to earn their certificate.

If you’re interested in developing on the BSV blockchain, but you don’t have any professional developer qualification or prior experience in Bitcoin, this course could be just what you’re looking for.

To help you decide if the course is right for you and give you an idea of what to expect from the programme’s content and structure, we’ve collated feedback and reviews from graduates of the BSV Academy’s Introduction to Bitcoin Development.

Introduction to Bitcoin Development course graduate reviews and recommendations

I have been active in the Bitcoin space for quite some time. Currently, I am taking the course ‘Introduction to Bitcoin Development’ at the Bitcoin SV Academy. I was especially impressed by how comprehensive the course is. Since I've been here for a long time, I can say that everything important has been said. Do you plan to push the value of the course certificates somehow? I think if the certificate is respected and adds incentive to complete the courses.

Simeon Hees, 24th June 2021

I have finished going through both the intro to Bitcoin Theory and Bitcoin Development courses, and would like you to know how appreciative I am of Bitcoin Academy's thoughtful initiative of the courses. Even though my foundation is relatively weak in basic programming, I am able to advance my understanding of basic development of digital currency, smart contracts and specifically Bitcoin . Excellent contribution to blockchain in general. BSV is sold.

Francis Quartey, April 23, 2021

Wow I've just completed part 2 of the Bitcoin Development course and just wow. I'm learning so much. The content pulls no punches, it's very challenging and uncompromising, which is a very welcome and refreshing change from the industry at large. I doubt 1 in 10000 even know as much as in parts 1 and 2 of this course. It's going to take me longer than 10 hours, but however long it takes me it will be worth it thank you so much.

I really appreciate those taking the genuine effort to teach the real material and not just make a fast buck. People like you are the salt of the earth imho.

Patrick Mockridge, January 28, 2022

Chapters and topics: BSV blockchain development course

Chapter 1- Understanding Bitcoin

  • The Bitcoin protocol
  • Key concepts: Bit and Coin
  • Bitcoin ledger as data store
  • Unique properties of Bitcoin ledger
  • Wallets
  • Using block explorer
  • Application development with Bitcoin

Chapter 2 - Deep dive into the basics

  • Background and concepts
  • Points and elliptical curves
  • Hash functions
  • Keys and Address
  • ECDSA, Signing and Verification
  • Transaction format and Script
  • Creating transactions

Chapter 3 - Data protocol: writing to the Bitcoin ledger

  • Writing to Bitcoin
  • MoneyButton
  • B:// Bitcoin Data Protocol
  • Bitcom - Global Namespace Directory
  • DataPay
  • TxForge
  • Txpost

Chapter 4 - Data protocol: reading the Bitcoin ledger

  • Database on Bitcoin
  • Planaria framework
  • Bitcoin transaction formats
  • BitFS
  • Bitsocket
  • TXT: Semantic Bitcoin Storage

Chapter 5 - Data protocol: advanced protocols and rules

  • Metanet: building the new Internet
  • Dealing with files in Bitcoin transactions
  • Reviewing commonly used data protocols
  • TXQ: Transaction storage queue
  • PayPresto
  • sCrypt
  • Testing Bitcoin applications

Chapter 6 - Payment protocols

  • Simple Payment Verification (SPV)
  • BIP270 and PayMail
  • mAPI (merchant API)
  • SPV channels
  • Threshold signatures and R-puzzles
  • Secret value distribution and HD keys
  • Operate BSV

Chapter 7 - Smart contracts and token protocols

  • Electronic contracting
  • Tokens and Bitcoin
  • Payment channels and Smart Contracts
  • Tokenized Protocol
  • Bitcoin computer
  • Run platform
  • sCrypt Smart Contracts and tokens

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