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ERP and supply chain businesses developing on the BSV blockchain

Do you have a background in enterprise software and a keen interest in blockchain's business applications? Whether you want to pivot to blockchain programming or to build your experience in backend and frontend development, big data, data science and machine learning, server infrastructure, or software testing to use in a blockchain-oriented company, this blog is for you.

In previous iterations of our 'businesses developing blockchain applications on BSV' series, the BSV Academy spoke with business founders building IoT products on BSV, BSV payment solution businesses and AR/VR companies developing on the BSV blockchain. This time, we speak to the CEO and Founder of blockchain-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain company UNISOT, Stephan Nilsson.

UNISOT offers companies an enterprise supply chain sustainability platform as a service, allowing them to prove to their customers and end-consumers that their products are sustainable, ethically sourced and of high quality.

Meet Stephan Nilsson and the UNISOT team

BSV Academy: How big is the UNISOT team? 

Stephan Nilsson (SN): We are currently a team of 14: three founders, one CFO/CTO and ten developers.

BSV Academy: Do all of your developers have to know blockchain development?

SN: We have a range of developer positions, from frontend and backend developers to database, server infrastructure and test engineers. Only the people working with the more specific blockchain integrations and programming need to know blockchain development. Of course, I prefer if everyone is interested in and has some knowledge about blockchain, but it's not mandatory.

BSV Academy: Are your developers all employed as full-time workers and based on-site?

SN: No, it's mixed. Some of them are employed in-house, but those based in other countries are hired as full-time consultants. When people are based elsewhere, it makes administrative sense to hire them as consultants. At the same time, we offer them shares in the company so they can be 'part of the family' and are incentivised to stay and grow with us. It's essential to keep key individuals and their knowledge with us. All in all, we're a very distributed team, which has worked wonderfully during lockdown restrictions - we've been working like normal.

BSV Academy: Will you be hiring more developers in the future?

SN: Absolutely. Right now, we are the minimal team that we need to be. We have just started a new investment round because it's time to scale up the company. So yes, we will be looking for a lot of new people. I'm already talking to potential developers and engineers within the BSV world, but also those outside with experience in backend and frontend development, big data, data science and machine learning, server infrastructure, testing, etc. We need a wide range of experienced people when scaling up to a global enterprise software organisation.

BSV Academy: Are there specific specialities, skills, training or experience you're looking for when hiring?

SN: We're very interested in people with a background in enterprise software. Although UNISOT's platform integrates with everyone from a single farmer, carpenter or fisherman with a smartphone, we are also connecting with big multinationals. Because of this, our software has to be enterprise-level, fulfilling characteristics like scalability, security, integrity and availability.

Although we are primarily hiring experienced individuals, we later also plan to hire junior people with an interest in learning Bitcoin development, and to get into the nitty-gritty of Bitcoin transactions, tokens and smart contracts.

BSV Academy: Where will you advertise the available positions, and how can someone get in touch with you if they're interested in working for UNISOT?

SN: Right now, we have a position advertised on the Bitcoin Association's job board, but people are welcome to reach out to me directly if they want to put themselves on our radar.

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Lizette Louw

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