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Healthcare businesses developing on the BSV blockchain

Are you a software developer that’s curious about blockchain’s role in enterprise applications? Perhaps you haven’t undertaken to learn Bitcoin Script yet, but you’d like to get closer to the action.

This blog series is for you!

In previous editions of our 'businesses developing blockchain applications on BSV' series, the BSV Academy spoke with business founders building IoT products on BSV, BSV payment solution businesses, AR/VR and ERP and supply chain companies developing on the BSV blockchain. This time, we speak to Joseph Eckstein, Vice President of Product Delivery at EHR data.

EHR data leverages the BSV blockchain to confidently and efficiently aggregate, optimise and understand data from multiple sources, with a focus on the healthcare industry.

Meet Joseph Eckstein and the EHR data team

BSV Academy: How big is your development team?

Joseph Eckstein (JE): We're a relatively small team of about 15 developers. We have interviews going on right now, so we will be adding to that number. We're a growing team as we have enough projects, goals and proof of concepts in our backlog to keep expanding.

BSV Academy: Of those developers, do all of them have to know Bitcoin or blockchain development?

JE: Of those developers, a very small amount know blockchain development. What's nice about our approach is that we aren't trying to do the blockchain pieces ourselves when there are other companies that specialise in that. When we need a piece of blockchain development work done, for example, mining data, we find a service who can do it - a wallet or an interface.

We're always developing new partnerships, so each focus area is undertaken by somebody who is exceptional at it. As long as our developers know APIs or whatever language we're working with at that time, we're happy to have them on board.

BSV Academy: Are your developers all employed full-time and based on-site?

JE: We're all employed full-time but across three continents. We have some developers here in the United States, most of us in Texas, but others are spread around. Even our executive staff are based across different states. We have a development team in India through a partner agency that we have a very good relationship with, as they've always provided us with quality staff. Then we recently started working with another team in South America, and they're in two countries in South America. In summary, we're wherever we need to be.

Do we work from home? Yes, most of us in the USA frequently work from home with the option to go into the office once in a while, perhaps once a week if we need to. But even our employees in other countries sometimes go into the office and sometimes work from home. So we're a very work-from-home shop.

BSV Academy: How many new developers do you foresee hiring in the next year, and where will they fit into the team?

JE: With new hires, we're basing it around what our backlog looks like and the projects we want to work on next. Very recently, we knew that we wanted to work on a web app or portal as an internal tool that our support team could use to access some of the utility we're building. And so we said, we certainly need somebody who has web design or UI experience. 

That said, when we bring on new people, it's always ideal to find people who are Jacks of all trades, or at least Jacks of many trades. This way they don't necessarily have to just work on one project forever. I like the idea of people being able to bounce around and get an idea of how all the different pieces work.

BSV Academy: For which regions will you be hiring?

JE: The roles aren't specific to a region. If we need to grow in design and somebody drops off their resumé on my desk, I might interview somebody in Fort Worth, Texas. But if one of our staffing partner companies has the perfect person in India or South America, I'll consider them for the role.

BSV Academy: Where will you be advertising positions?

JE: You can see the available positions on the Bitcoin Association job board.

BSV blockchain applications in other industries

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Lizette Louw

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