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[Infographic] The state of blockchain tech jobs in 2021

Enterprise blockchain implementations have flourished despite the many economic challenges that affected the world economy over the past couple of years. Along with enterprise adoption, blockchain-specific careers are blooming with openings for various positions in the industry. 

If you’d like to pivot your development career into blockchain, there’s never been a better time. For an idea of what to expect, take a look at this summary of the positions that became available in 2021 within the blockchain ecosystem and the companies that offered them.

The Blockchain Career Landscape 2021 Infographic

The state of BSV blockchain careers in 2021

Companies invested in the BSV blockchain

BSV is clearly established as a viable blockchain to invest in. Since the BSV job board’s launch in March 2021, an impressive 58 companies have jumped in to grow their staff of blockchain specialists.

As the popularity of BSV expands worldwide, the countries and industries these companies come from paint a very encouraging picture for individuals interested in getting into blockchain.

Here are some of the biggest companies that use the BSV blockchain:

  • Merkle Science, Singapore - SAAS
  • Unbounded Enterprise, America - Blockchain
  • Lightning Sharks, United Kingdom - Marketing
  • Nchain, United Kingdom - Information Technology & Services
  • Unikrn Inc., America - Gambling
  • TAAL, Canada - SAAS
  • Kompany, Austria - Regtech
  • Fabriik, Canada - Finance

Most of the companies listed are based in Canada, the United States and the UK. Finance, SAAS and RegTech industries have the highest number of job listings. It is also expected that the BSV blockchain will grow in other developed countries due to the stability and scalability the platform provides.

Blockchain job market breakdown

Around 341 blockchain-related listings have been posted ever since the job board’s launch. These companies are hiring for positions across the hierarchy, showing the great potential BSV has for growth.

Companies are in dire need of managers as these positions make up 25% of the available openings. However, a closer look at the numbers tells a more interesting story: engineers and developers combine for an impressive 32%, while senior positions that will help lead these blockchain teams have a steady 15% demand.

Companies with the most blockchain career opportunities

If you’re eager to get into blockchain, these five companies are your best bet. They have the lion’s share of the 341 openings mentioned earlier.

1. Fabriik

Fabriik is a company that is serious about revolutionising the economic system with the BSV blockchain. They intend to use the freedoms provided by cryptocurrencies like BSV to create a fair and transparent financial system that includes people locked out of traditional banking systems.

2. Bitcoin Suisse

Established in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse has been active in the cryptocurrency market for a good while. They provide a safe platform for users to buy, sell, and earn cryptocurrencies. The fact that they added BSV to their folio is a testament to this blockchain’s viability in the enterprise sector.


BANXA is another company that aims to transform the economy for the better through blockchain tech. They have helped various clients understand blockchain and incorporate them into their business processes.

4. Merkle Science

Cryptocurrencies have as much risk as their promised rewards. Merkle Science aims to protect companies and governments from such threats by establishing crypto threat detection, risk management, and compliance. Their public support of BSV is another notch under this blossoming crypto’s belt.


Already a trusted name in the blockchain community, TAAL helps companies set up more efficient blockchain transactions among organisations. They work extensively with BSV, with their most recent collaboration being the CoinGeek Conference in October.

Buzz around blockchain job listings

There is a growing interest in blockchain career opportunities. Here are some of the openings that people have found interesting to date:

Jump into a promising blockchain career

As blockchain technologies continue to improve, you can expect the industry to grow even further. Get ahead of the rest by carving a career built on one of the most stable and transformative blockchain platforms in the world.

To learn more about BSV and its capabilities, register for one of the BSV Academy courses.

Lizette Louw
Lizette Louw

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