Frequent Asked Questions

What is BSV?

BSV was designed and described in Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper titled Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system. BSV emerged to restore Bitcoin to the vision put forth by Satoshi Nakamoto in the white paper, specifically by lifting the block size limit and re-enabling op codes to allow for unbounded scaling and usability ultimately providing for a truly global public infrastructure platform for financial and information exchange processes.

What is the BSV Academy?

The BSV Academy aspires to be at the forefront in developing courses that will unlock the potential of BSV. By providing these high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful courses for students, the BSV Academy seeks to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary for individuals and businesses to take full advantage of the unique and valuable properties of BSV.

What are the benefits of earning a certificate from the BSV Academy?

Certificates earned through the BSV Academy represent the acknowledgement that students have successfully completed a comprehensive Bitcoin blockchain course that has been thoroughly audited for accuracy by the expertise of the BSV Association and select industry partners.

What is the accreditation status of the BSV Academy?

Currently the BSV Academy is self-accredited.

Where does the course content come from?

The course content is derived from the writings of Satoshi Nakamoto and the expertise of the education team at the BSV Association along with our partners from within the BSV ecosystem.

Which course should I begin with?

Depending upon your own knowledge and expertise. If you are relatively new to BSV, then we recommend that you begin with our introductory Bitcoin blockchain course before pursuing any specific skill path.

What happens if I fail an assessment?

After every failed assessment you will be provided with a report showing which assessment questions were answered incorrectly and you will then restart that section from the beginning, please proceed carefully while reviewing your assessment report to ensure you are able to pass on your next attempt. You are allotted as many attempts as you need.

What kind of device will I need to effectively participate in the courses?

The course content is best accessed from a laptop or desktop device.

Which browsers are supported?

We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best BSV Academy experience.

Who should I contact if I am experiencing technological difficulties with the course platform?

Please submit your issue through our contact form or join our Discord channel.